TrehelCARE: Caring for Buildings and People

TC2551 To better serve our clients we have recently rebranded our commercial building services division, TrehelCARE. After constructing numerous buildings over the years, we became keenly aware that in time, all buildings will eventually need maintenance and repairs. Trehel has been providing these services to our clients for more than three decades. Buildings are really about “people” and how they function within the occupied space. When problems arise, it has an adverse effect the occupants, therefore, a repair service should be timely, of high-quality and cost-effective. Quite simply, we are more than problem solvers; we actually care about our clients and the quality of service we provide. Thus the name, TrehelCARE.

Whether you are a current client or have a maintenance issue with your commercial facility, we can help. Call us at 1-800-319-7006 to learn more about TrehelCARE and the commercial building services we offer.