Tom Winkopp on Highpoint Phase IV

“Having partnered or been involved with Trehel on over one hundred million dollars’ worth of development projects that have all contained some element of risk, I know from personal experience that Trehel’s main focus on any project is maintaining the relationship with the client and putting the clients best interest first.”

He continues:

“Two main concerns of any developer are the marketability of his product, and the price of his product. Trehel’s use of the Design/Build delivery system has allowed me to monitor these two factors throughout my projects, and more importantly, to know the price of the project with no surprises prior to executing working drawings. Furthermore, Trehel’s system enables me not only to make changes early on in the project, but also allows any modifications that may be necessary while under construction. Their system keeps all involved – such as the architects, engineers and owner – all on the same page. I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Murphy on the 4th phase of Highpointe. The project was completed early and came in under budget. Tim performed his job well and I have found him to be very easy to work with.”

Tom Winkopp, Realtor/Developer, 864.654.2200