Ten at the Top

Promoting Collaboration and Planning Across the Upstate is a Group Effort

Since becoming an incorporated non-profit three years ago, the residents, elected officials, business leaders and community leaders involved with Ten at the Top have worked tirelessly to partner with others across the region.

Ten at the Top promotes collaboration, long-term planning and initiatives that will enhance the quality of life and economic prosperity for those who call the upstate home today as well as for future generations.

As part of our annual “Regional Report”, we want to share with all Upstate residents what efforts have been made over the last three years and what is planned in the coming year.

Providing a Regional Voice

  • Partnered with the Urban Land Institute to hold a day-long workshop on future planning needs for the Upstate.
  • Engaged more than 10,000 Upstate residents in an 18-month regional visioning effort that culminated with the unveiling of the “Our Upstate Vision”.
  • Partnered with other regional organizations to host the first-ever Upstate Elected Officials Meetings, which bring together city, county and state leaders from across the Upstate.
  • TATT has hosted community forums and conducted presentations in all 10 Upstate counties and in 2012 will be hosting the “Our Upstate Vision Forum Series” to discuss key issues as we look toward the future.

Fostering Collaboration

  • Helped facilitate conversations that led to the first-in-the-Upstate regional agreement between transportation planning agencies in Greenville-Pickens and Spartanburg to formally work together on transportation planning and future projects.
  • Created five regional “Task Forces” focused on Human Potential, Economic & Entrepreneurial Vitality, Sustainable Growth, Natural Beauty & Resources and Community Vibrancy to identify opportunities for regional collaboration.
  • TATT recently hosted a meeting with tourism organizations across the region. Other issues where TATT will be encouraging regional dialogue includes land use planning, water & air quality and education.

Sharing Information Across the Upstate

  • Developed the “Upstate Information Hub” (www.OurUpstateSC.info) which is a regional portal where residents can find links to information and resources across the region.
  • TATT is partnering with classes from USC-Upstate to identity “Great Ideas” in community vibrancy across the region, state, nation and world. This will lead to the development of an inventory of “great ideas” that can help communities across the Upstate enhance the vitality within their own downtowns, neighborhoods and recreational areas.

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