Corporate Responsibility

At Trehel Corporation we are deeply committed to a sensitive and sustainable approach to construction services. The life cycle of constructing a building, stadium, parking garage or a public park presents both a responsibility and opportunity for Trehel. Sustainability is a fundamental component of good corporate citizenship.

Our corporate responsibility strategy revolves around customers, employees, vendors and the environment. Here’s what we’re doing:

Green Building Practices

There has been steady growth in green building interest since 2003. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, more 1.85 million square feet is being certified daily.

Trehel welcomes the opportunity to build or retrofit using the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard to use less water and energy and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even when a project is not LEED-certified, we continue with our own standards to operate with greater efficiency and reduce the impact on our planet.

We will continue to make important strides toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering construction waste from landfills.

Health & Safety

Employees should be treated with respect and dignity, and therefore, should expect the safest workplace possible. Let’s face it: Construction can be a dangerous profession. At Trehel, we believe in fair labor practices and adhering to OSHA state and federal laws. Trehel has written safety standards, policies, procedures, and continuous education training programs to promote and sustain safe working conditions.

Supplier Responsibility

We can’t do the work we do without our vendors and subcontractors. Trehel seeks supply chain partners that promote responsible business practices and seize the opportunity to decrease resource consumption.

Community Support

We invest in creative solutions for positive change in South Carolina. Since 2010, we have invested more than $1.1 million. For more information, read Stewardship & Philanthropy.