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Our Better Building Process® involves aligning ourselves with the best companies in the region. Since 1982, we have completed more than 1,200 successful projects in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. We attribute our success to selecting building partners and vendors that share similar core values to our own: Integrity, Commitment and Excellence. Trehel greatly appreciates our partners and their unique abilities.

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Trehel Corporation is committed to providing opportunities for people to grow personally and professionally. We strive to provide these opportunities for employees, subcontractor partners, and to less fortunate members of our communities. Making a difference in people’s lives is why we exist. Creating buildings is the vehicle that allows us these opportunities.

Over the years, we have seen subcontractors grow, employees flourish, and the communities that we serve improved in tangible ways. Diversity in the workforce has become a mainstream concept, but the core of Diversity is simply “providing opportunities for people”. We’ve been doing that for more than three decades. In fact, 23% of our current workforce is made up of minorities and women, including key positions as Officer, Manager, and Supervisor.