Employees should be treated with respect and dignity, and therefore, should expect the safest workplace possible. Let’s face it: Construction can be a dangerous profession. At Trehel, we believe in fair labor practices and adhering to OSHA state and federal laws. Trehel has written safety standards, policies, procedure and continuous education training programs to promote and sustain safe working conditions.

Safety is just another area that we are committed to caring for our team members, their families, our building partners and clients. Our values provide a reliable benchmark when measuring our performance and go beyond typical statistical measures. From pre-planning to post-construction, safety is an integral part of every successful project.

Although our motivation may be a little different, we have achieved time-proven results from looking at safety as a non-negotiable item that is driven by our values. Ongoing training and a pursuit of team member involvement consistently work together to keep our sites and employees safe. Our Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and our OSHA recordable rates reflect our strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of our team members.