More than 35 years ago, Trehel Corporation was one of the first design-build firms for commercial construction in South Carolina. With the designer and builder under one contract, there is a greater focus on quality control, schedule, risk management and continuous improvement.

In the traditional, two-firm approach, where there are two separate contracts – one for the engineer/architect and the other for the contractor – the owner is forced to serve as the mediator should a dispute arise. This can drive up costs and prolong the construction schedule.

Under the design-build delivery method, Trehel becomes the single point of responsibility, reducing risk and overall costs for clients.

The Better Building Process®

We are an industry leader in preconstruction, design-build, general contracting and construction management in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. We have successfully completed projects using every delivery method, including design-bid-build, partnering and construction manager at-risk.

However, our journey of designing, building and renovating facilities has led to the Better Building Process®. The Better Building Process® developed by Trehel takes every positive aspect of each delivery method and combines it into one single package.

As a single source contractual relationship, it provides competitive pricing, and it allows all the risk to be managed, which, in essence, removes the owner’s risk. Most importantly, it allows the relationships to be with people and not documents. It is the only method that truly balances function, size, quality, aesthetics and cost.

Rather than finding 10 prices on one solution, the Better Building Process® finds as many prices on as many solutions as can be conceived – at no additional cost to the owner. It is an open book relationship, and the owner is able to see every competitive quote and be involved in the selection process.

The Better Building Process® is done through discernment, quality design, and exceptional delivery. It is a true team approach.

Discern, Design & Deliver

Through our proven Better Building Process®, we provide a step-by-step procedure for balancing function, size, quality, aesthetics, budget, schedule and safety for the construction of your new facility.

For more information, call 1-800-319-7006 or Download our free brochure that details the pros and cons of each delivery method.