Family Camping with a Purpose

Many of us have attended a Christian or YMCA summer camp in our youth. These camps provided recreation, fellowship, tons of fun and lasting memories that influenced and ever-changed our lives. The folks at Pine Cove have taken this summer camp concept and created a unique and amazing opportunity to share these experiences as a family unit in a picturesque setting.

Chimney Point Chimneypt3086is a 120-acre former dairy farm located on beautiful shores of Lake Hartwell near the Georgia and South Carolina border. This location will be Pine Cove’s fourth summer family camp and the first to be established outside the boundaries of Texas. At the project site, Trehel is nearing completion of the first phase which includes the construction five duplex cabins totaling 13,280 square-feet. Once finished, each unit will house four families. The second project phase will include a dining hall, swimming pool and accommodations for resident camp staff members. This second phase is scheduled to be completed in April of 2017.

Next summer family campers will be able to enjoy the Chimney Point experience as described on the Pine Cove website: “Vacations are a great way for families tohave fun, forge deeper bonds and recharge. And on the flipside, they’re a great way to spend too much money, test your resolve and return needing another vacation to get the bad-vacation taste out of your mouth. Chimney Point is very aware. Which is why every little detail is taken care of by our fun-obsessed, Jesus-loving, faith-having staff. From prepared meals (all dietary needs are addressed!), to our engaging (and very intentional) activities, to the A+ accommodations that you won’t want to leave. At Chimney Point, you’ll find it’s just as easy to grow your faith as it is to have fun—all while fortifying your family bonds. Oh, and getting in some seriously serious relaxation along the way.”

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Signature Architects of Clemson, SC provided architectural design services. Our Trehel construction project supervision team consists of Tim Murphy, Project Manager and Rolando Rivera, Project Superintendent.

For more information about Chimney Point or to make reservations for the summer of 2017, please visit the Pine Cove website at