Creating Inspirational Worship Space

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means beauty doesn’t exist on its own but created by the observer. For those who have attended a recent service at Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, SC, all would agree, the interior aesthetics of the sanctuary create an awe-inspiring, beautiful space to enhance the worship experience.  

The Advent project consists of 21,525 square feet of a newly constructed Sanctuary, Gathering Space, and Music/Office Suite. All these areas are contained under one roof structure and attach to the existing Education building.

The 9,075 square-foot sanctuary features a 65-foot tall, heavy timber truss roof system, wood ceiling, and sloped floor with a seating capacity for seating for approximately 700 members. The pulpit area is surrounded by a stone chancel wall with a 21-foot tall back-lit custom-made heavy timber cedar cross.

Worshippers enter the facility through a 3,300 gathering space that features the same ceiling height and roof construction as that of the sanctuary.  The interior is designed to host approximately 400 members between services and function as a multi-use area during the week.

The Music/Office Suite is 9,150 square-feet and split between two-floors. The lower level contains the choir room, music offices, handbell rehearsal, gang restrooms, and elevator lobby. In contrast, the upper level includes nine private offices, open communal office, conference room, and break areas.

Scope of work for the exterior of the facility includes aluminum canopies to provide shelter from the elements and compliments the full-brick exterior, landscaping, site work for additional parking, sidewalks, and warm exterior illumination lighting.

Ronald E. Geyer, Principal of Good City Architects, provided architectural design services for the project. Our Trehel construction project team consisted of Adam Owens, Senior Project Manager, and Chris Frey, serving as Project Superintendent.