It started in 1982. A general builder and construction management firm founded on the idea that every customer deserved not just exceptional workmanship, but a commitment to uncompromised integrity, open communication and measurable value. Almost four decades later, the reputation of Trehel Corporation stands tall. As one of the leading commercial contractors that’s reshaping the landscape of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, we remain true to these guiding principles. Whatever your project, large or small, we’d consider it a privilege to hear your story, share ideas and establish the foundation of a lasting relationship.

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For those who know us, we’re often the first and final choice. But if Trehel is new to you, maybe we’re not. Before you begin your project, get a second opinion from us. When it comes to cost estimating, phasing, budgeting and scheduling, we may not be your first choice, but we may be your last. Learn More

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